Froback Friday, 15/06/2018

Happy Friday.

This week I’m posting the video that I’ve been wanting to post for a long time now because of how bad it is: And of course, when I’m talking about bad, I’m talking about Kiss.

This is the first ever video clip the band released after taking off their makeup in 1983 with the Lick It Up album.

Rad song. Hilariously bad video, right? How about Paul Stanley‘s leopard print boots? And doesn’t Gene Simmons look so tough in his pink singlet?

This was the first album to feature my Flying V wielding hero Vinnie Vincent. He and Eric Carr, featuring in this video here as well on the drums were my two most favourite members of Kiss.


Reason number 2001 of why I love BC Rich guitars…

The Perfect 10 Rich Bich with Dragons Blood onyx paint job.

This is a 10 string guitar with the usual six strings wound to tuning pegs on the headstock and a further four string reverse strung from the headstock to pegs on the body, as shown. The result is a guitar that you can still play power chords (or drop D chords if you tune it that way) on two regular bottom strings with the top four string doubled up for great options in freestyle play.

Personally, I think this is better than 12 string as the higher octave on those thicker strings shits me when playing open chords.