Would you quit your band if your guitarist bought this?

Hi all, Az here again.

Check out this monstrosity I found for sale on the interwebs a few days ago…

That’s a 12/6/6 triple neck guitar. The asking price was under $1000 shipped, brand new.

Now, aesthitics aside, it’s a bolt-on and a no name brand and those pick-ups don’t necessarily inspire confidence so I’m sure it would sound like arse – but who cares, right?

Sure, a 24 string guitar is about 22 strings more than what a standard guitarist in a local punk band would use and I’m sure there are a few people out there that would refuse to share a stage with someone having this around their neck.

So, let’s start some fights in other people’s bands.

Guitarists – if you could own this for under $1000, would you do it?

Discuss in the comments. This should be fun. 🙂