In Need Of Training, 2018 edition

15713c3e-b090-489b-bd36-3db867944c2a-2094-00000259140f1f0fWe’re not a political band but these alternate lyrics for our song were just too funny not to share.


Well I'm always running late
Once again it's fucking great
Thanks Andrew Constance
Or Howard Collins
Or whoever the fuck's in charge

New timetable once again
And things were going swell
But the drivers don't show
And hiring is slow
Now things have turned to shit

And where the fuck is that driver today?
They've packed their bags, moved interstate
for thirty thousand more

The unions negotiate
But it is a stalemate
They just want a day off
And get a fair cop
Or there will be a strike

They have too many shifts
No days off with the kids
I just want to be a parent
And get my six percent
And fair conditions please

And you can shove that offer right up in your arse.
It's an election year
It will end in tears
The opposition you will be.