The original concept artwork for Music To Make Love To


Hi folks, Az here.

I spent today going through old artwork for a new project I’m working on and stumbled across this hand drawn concept of the Music To Make Love To cover(s).

This was drawn back in 2005 by former drummer Cheyne Reading who had a very specific idea in mind of what he wanted the cover to look like – and the rest of us weren’t going to stand in his way. When he first showed it to us, we just laughed our heads off. It was a done deal.

The story goes that this drawing was then given to illustration extraordinare Nathan Soehardi, who then redraw this digitally into a computer, giving us the artwork we see on Music To Make Love To Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 today.

The two covers, in fact, were too different variations of the drawings with different colouring that we were presented with at the same time, so that we could choose one for what would be our 2006 release as simply “Music To Make Love To”. It turned out that we liked each version so much that we chose both of them – renaming the first release with a Vol. 1 on the end so that we could use the other one as well as a Vol. 2 a year later.

So, good value was gained out of that drawing and the work put in all around.