Froback Friday, 23/03/2018


Hi all, it’s Az here with your weekly dose of music that you almost forgot about.

Just yesterday I was writing an article that was suggesting that Matt Tuck from Bullet For My Valentine would make a much better frontman for AC/DC than Axl Pose.

And then it hit me. Damn, I’ve got to put a Bullet song in this Friday.

So I can’t go past this gem from back in 2005, featuring every guy’s former ex-girlfriend and a reminder of past crazypants episodes:

There’s a reason why this clip has had 111m views. It’s fucking mad.

Those close to our band will know that I’m a bit of a BC Rich nut and the fact that Matt Tuck used to be a BC Rich endorser is not lost on me. He’s moved on from them now (most endorsers do) but I forgive him. In fact, I have to totally confess to my massive man crush on the guy.

As a bonus clip, I’ve included a full concert. That’s a first for me in this segment. It’s a show that Bullet did less than 12 months ago in Moscow but it’s one of my favourites of theirs that I’ve seen. If you spend the time watching it yourself, you’ll know what I mean. The Venom album was a big comeback for them and this setlist is basically the perfect selection of songs of theirs and in the perfect order. I really should make a Spotify playlist of it or something and share it.