I think I offended a God basher

Hi peeps. You know who here.

So, I stumbled upon this Twitter bio earlier today of an organization from Fank Sinatra town. Tell me if any of this sounds suspicious to you:

Naturally, I was curious.

About an hour later, our organization in question tweeted this:

Holy shit! (Pun not intended). Isn’t passive-aggressiveness a sin?

Perhaps so, as another hour of reflection bore this tweet:

Also, for consistency, they retweeted this (I can’t even make this stuff up):

Are you having your doubts about the sanctimoniousness of this place yet? I sure was at the time. Then, finally, came this message:

Well ok then. I’m pretty sure TV stations can show boobs on the air after 9:30 though.

If you ask me, I think old mate should just sit back and relax with a good book. I can think of a really good one too.