Froback Friday, 6/04/2018


Hello slightly more overweight people. I hope you enjoyed eating chocolate over Easter.

For this week’s Froback we are tavelling back to 2001 to consume the awesomeness of Sugarcult‘s best ever song, Bouncing Off The Walls. You know, the guys you thought were a one-hit wonder that did that song Memory? Yeah, this song is better.

The fun thing about this clip is the fact that it contains both Deadpool himself Ryan Reynolds and Miss “I was in American Pie and my breat implants ruined my career so now I’ll do anything for a paycheck” Tara Reid in a completely unrelated plot of… doing something… in this clip. Hanging out in their bedrooms and staring at themselves? Seriously. I had to rewatch this clip twice just to try and figure out WTF the story there was all about.

It’s funny because it’s stupid though- and the band go off performing the song so it’s still a very watchable clip nonetheless.

These days, Ryan Reynolds probably regrets agreeing to biting his toenails, shaving his nosehairs and kissing a mannequin in this clip. That Pizza place TV show he was on would have just been axed that year so he would have been desperate for money from a new revenue stream of any sort. Clearly.

By the way. That show. What the fuck. It was called “Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place”, was later renamed to just “Two Guys and a Girl” and yet by the end of it there were three guys and three girls. THEY CHANGED THE NAME TO BE POLITICALLY CORRECT BECAUSE THE PIZZA PLACE WAS DITCHED FOR MEDICAL SCHOOL BUT THEY COULDN’T COUNT THE FINGERS ON THEIR FUCKING HANDS.


For a bonus clip, I’ve included another single of Sugarcult’s that is very underrated. Most people don’t know about it – but once you do, you’ll be glad that you do. It’s called Stuck In America. It’s in the setting of a Japanese talk show – you know, continuing the theme of having stuff happening in the film clip that has nothing to do with the song. It’s a rad song though, trust me. Enjoy.

Here’s the same song being performed live. They are one of those rare bands that sound as good live as they do on the recordings.