Froback Friday, 13/04/2018


Hi everyone, happy Friday the 13th.

For this special horror occasion, it seems only appropriate to play some of the devil’s music – metal. Our selection this week is an old song by the theatrical horror metal band Cradle of Filth., just to set the mood.

And yes, it’s old – and you are old if you can remember when it first came out. This was released about 11-12 years ago.

We’re committed metal enthusiasts in the Johnnies. We don’t play it ourselves because we don’t aim to copy our favourite bands in our own band but our love for metal nonetheless runs deep. If you ever see us at a show, ask us about our favourite bands and watch our eyes light up with passion when discussing the topic. 🙂

For bonus clips, it made sense to open up the discussion a bit. Who’s the best?

Top 10 screamers

Some people will be shitty with where the singers of Linkin Park and Avenged Sevenfold sit on this list but I really liked the number one choice.

Top 10 heavy metal riffs

This was fun to watch.

Top 10 modern metal guitarists

Hard to argue with this one – it’s just hard to pick only ten. Babymetal‘s late guitarist was a god that will one day have temples built for him in Japan. He deserves a mention.

Top 10 drummers of all time

Take one guess which genre of music features prominently on this list. Disappointing that Alex Van Halen only got an honourable mention but at least he was acknowledged.

What do you think? Argue away, it’s fun.