Froback Friday, 27/04/2018

Howdy kids, hope all is well.

For this week’s Froback, I really wanted to post something that just speaks for itself and everyone agrees that it’s awesome whether you know this music or not.

That’s easy. Grinspoon.

A staple of the Australian rock n roll diet for over 20 year now.

Their first EP got thrashed on Australian radio when it came out, especially the song Sickfest, but this is the song that got me hooked: More Than You Are.

then the band quickly followed up with an album and this song dropped. Just Ace. Boom. Megastars.

for a bonus clip, here’s a full concert of Grinspoon playing at Homebake in 1998. To think that this is so awesome and yet the band have released something like 150 also awesome songs since. Yowzer.