Froback Friday, 4/05/2018


Hey all! Az here. Happy Friday.

For this week’s Froback, it felt appropriate to reach back deep into the 80’s and find some great mullets for reasons that I care not to explain.

So, how about Mental As Anything? A great Aussie band who had so many hits you’d be gobsmacked to realise they are all the same band.

Get this one from 1984 in your eyeballs. It’s the song I like to call “the Crocodile Dundee song” because, you know, it was in that movie.

We supported this band on a festival show back in 2002 called Rock 4 Refugees – played on the football ground of the former Newtown Jets. Good times. I was handed the microphone by actor John Howard from the TV show All Saints and said “thanks Mr Prime Minister”. He wasn’t happy.


As a bonus video, here’s evidence of this band’s continued excellence 11 years later. Enjoy.