Froback Friday, 8/06/2018


Happy Friday peeps.

This week’s Froback is from 1994 and it’s a funny one to put up here. Whilst an objectively great song – and a member of the Billboard Top 100 for that year – its clip is SUPER seedy.

Here’s Aerosmith‘s song Crazy.

So the two women in the clip should look familiar – that’s Alicia Silverstone joined by non other than Liv Tyler – the daughter of Aerosmith’s lead singer (and resident mega drug addict) Steven Tyler.

Now, if that were my daughter in my film clip, I don’t know if I’d want a super close-up of her waving her arse for the camera along to the sound of my voice. But hey – maybe Steve Tyler was too highly strung to notice, considering he doesn’t even recognise his own music.

Better still, perhaps he didn’t even know the band’s record label put out a clip for the song, considering the shots of them playing isn’t even for this song – that’s just random concert fotage thrown together to make up a clip.

Anyway, have fun singing along. 🙂