Pix from our last show


Hi all, Az here.

I’m posting these photos almost a week after they were taken but if you’ve been following our Facebook stream then you’d know that I just recently had a child and I’ve been pretty preoccupied with that.

Nonetheless, one of Madam Wong‘s friends took these photos on the night of our show with them on 18th May. This was a show of firsts:

  1. Our first show with my brother Chris Holesgrove on bass and he did a great job
  2. My first show trying our my custom-styled BC Rich Mockingbird, as seen in the above and below pictures and I think it’s going to be a regular in my rotation of on-stage axes.

Madam Wong went off as was expected. It was great to hang out with them again. If you’re interested in seeing more photos from the show, they’re right here.

We’re in shutdown for the next few months whilst I raise my new daughter through these tender few early months and we’ll be active again in the second half of the year with plenty planned for then. Stay tuned.

Peace out



We’re playing at Madam Wong’s EP Launch


Hi kids, Az here.

We’ve been keeping a low profile lately as I navigate the realms of having a pregnant Mrs. That will all end on the 15th May as my kid will be born and I can hit the town to celebrate whilst waiting for mum and baby to come out of hospital.

So there isn’t a better event happening in Sydney to celebrate at than at Madam Wong‘s EP Launch on Friday 18th May at the Hideaway Bar in Newtown, Sydney NSW. Your Johnnies will be jumping on the lineup with This Time Only to celebrate the Wonger’s debut release, followed by cans and more cans.

There are a few more reasons to celebrate at this show:

  • It’s rumoured that a member of Madam Wong will be losing their virginity at this show
  • This show will be the debut of our brand spanking new bass player – my brother Chris Holesgrove.
  • If you’ve been to a This Time Only show recently, you would have noticed a total hadsome stud playing drums for them. That’s our drummer, Craig Nelthropp. TTO’s regular drummer should be back in the lineup by this show and celebrating his triumphant return (apparently he fucked himself up or something)
  • Our band will be going into shutdown mode after this show as I’ll be bringing home my newborn and forgoing any possible sleep for the following 6-8 weeks – so, we won’t be seeing each other for a bit (Craig is going overseas for a while too). We’ll start up practicing again some time in July. Don’t worry, we’ll still be posting stupid shit every day on our website and social media. 😉

Here’s the Facebook event for the show – get into it and hit the “Going” button because, you know, you’re all hot and heavy at the thought of seeing Madam Wong on stage again.



We’re working on a bit of a special set list for this show that will re-introduce a few songs that haven’t been played live in quite a while. We think you’ll like it.

See you there Sydney-siders (and super-keen interstate travellers)!

My guitar project is finished

img_0799Hi kids, Az here.

I know I had only just posted about getting a new guitar yesterday but I needed to wait until I got my arse to a guitar shop to buy some strings before I was going to post about this puppy as well. Now this thing is ready to go as well.

What you are seeing here is a Korean made BC Rich Mockingbird NJ Series neck thru guitar. I rescued this gem from a pawn shop advertising it on eBay for stuff all and it was pretty beat up.

See the original pix below.

As you can see (click/press on the pictures to see larger versions), the body work was pretty trashy – and really, the pictures don’t tell the whole story. There were a lot of dings, marks and other crap. The name badge on the headstock was missing too.

In addition to that, I have to say that I just don’t like the look of neck thru’s that aren’t painted where you can see the difference in the body work. The lines are added as a feature as some sort of trendy look. It’s gross. Additionally, I think the wooden finish of guitars looks lame too.

Never fear! I had a vision and hit Buy It Now anyway.

I bought this for the bargain basement price of AUD$300 (with free shipping) and figured I could cover up all the dents and other unpleasurables whilst punking it up at the same time.

Enter AliExpress.

I bought a shitload of black and white stickers where you get 100 in a bag of random whatever stuff. I bought three lots of them for a total of about AUD$20.

Then my daughter and I spent two separate nights covering all of the body work with them, leaving our favourite stickers until last so that they would be on top.

The net result? This. And I’m really happy with it.


…and before you say it – I know, my floor needs a vacuum.

I finally get to play this thing later today in practice – perhaps I’ll post some vids or something. It hasn’t had strings on it until now.

New to the family (of guitars)

Hey all, Az here.

New guitar in the mail. New guitar in the mail. 🙂

You are looking at a USA-built Warlock with Floyd Rose from 1995. Coming to a venue near you very soon.

I took so long to post about htis because I had to restring it first (and then get drunk with my brother Chris and fall asleep).

Can you believe the previous owner put 9-42 strings on this metal guitar. How adorable.