Froback Friday, 11/05/2018


Happy Friday!

I have never met a person that doesn’t like this song. Get it in your eyeballs and ears.

Fun fact: That whole No Doubt album lyrically was about Gwen Steffani‘s breakup with the bass player in the band, Tony Kanal (pictured together in the screenshot of the video above) – and there they were, playing in a band together, getting famous making music about the fact that they are former lovers and the lyrics are showing how the blame was thrown around. Awkward! No wonder Tony didn’t have a mic, he’d be like “Imma let you finish, but…”

Meanwhile, Gwen’s middle-of-eyebrows jewellery must have been a real fad for her at the time because she also had it in the film clip in I’m Just A Girl as well. That’s your bonus clip this week, found below.

Froback Friday, 4/05/2018


Hey all! Az here. Happy Friday.

For this week’s Froback, it felt appropriate to reach back deep into the 80’s and find some great mullets for reasons that I care not to explain.

So, how about Mental As Anything? A great Aussie band who had so many hits you’d be gobsmacked to realise they are all the same band.

Get this one from 1984 in your eyeballs. It’s the song I like to call “the Crocodile Dundee song” because, you know, it was in that movie.

We supported this band on a festival show back in 2002 called Rock 4 Refugees – played on the football ground of the former Newtown Jets. Good times. I was handed the microphone by actor John Howard from the TV show All Saints and said “thanks Mr Prime Minister”. He wasn’t happy.


As a bonus video, here’s evidence of this band’s continued excellence 11 years later. Enjoy.

Froback Friday, 27/04/2018

Howdy kids, hope all is well.

For this week’s Froback, I really wanted to post something that just speaks for itself and everyone agrees that it’s awesome whether you know this music or not.

That’s easy. Grinspoon.

A staple of the Australian rock n roll diet for over 20 year now.

Their first EP got thrashed on Australian radio when it came out, especially the song Sickfest, but this is the song that got me hooked: More Than You Are.

then the band quickly followed up with an album and this song dropped. Just Ace. Boom. Megastars.

for a bonus clip, here’s a full concert of Grinspoon playing at Homebake in 1998. To think that this is so awesome and yet the band have released something like 150 also awesome songs since. Yowzer.

Froback Friday – 20/04/2018


Hi kids, Az here.

This week’s Froback takes us all the way back to around 1999 to watch a direct-from-VHS-to-YouTube copy of the film clip for The Bomb by Sydney’s greatest export, Unpaid Debt.

This is the full, original lineup – ska punk at its finest.

Yeah yeah, I’m biased. I went to school with two of the band members – Tim Walter, original guitarist/only one not allowed to have a mic for being too silly, and their second singer Joe Cool.

I always found it stunning during the early to mid 2000’s that there were so many people in Sydney that didn’t realise that Joe wasn’t the original singer in the band. He came along much later after being in a ska band called Little More Than You – a ska band that would have done well themselves if the lineup was kept together. I remember being at a show in Penrith watching LMTY support Area 7 and reconnecting with Joe for the first time since we finished Year 12 and then finding out a week later that he was switching bands and singing in Unpaid Debt instead. I was floored.

No disrespect to Joe but I’ve always felt that the original lineup of Unpaid Debt never got enough recognition for how awesome they were and objectively the best local band in Sydney at the time – even better than other popular bands at the time like Bagster and The Mad Dash.

So for a bonus clip (or four), here’s a full show of Unpaid Debt playing the old Cowshed in Penrith in Sydney’s West in the late 90’s. See for yourself how great they were.

Froback Friday, 13/04/2018


Hi everyone, happy Friday the 13th.

For this special horror occasion, it seems only appropriate to play some of the devil’s music – metal. Our selection this week is an old song by the theatrical horror metal band Cradle of Filth., just to set the mood.

And yes, it’s old – and you are old if you can remember when it first came out. This was released about 11-12 years ago.

We’re committed metal enthusiasts in the Johnnies. We don’t play it ourselves because we don’t aim to copy our favourite bands in our own band but our love for metal nonetheless runs deep. If you ever see us at a show, ask us about our favourite bands and watch our eyes light up with passion when discussing the topic. 🙂

For bonus clips, it made sense to open up the discussion a bit. Who’s the best?

Top 10 screamers

Some people will be shitty with where the singers of Linkin Park and Avenged Sevenfold sit on this list but I really liked the number one choice.

Top 10 heavy metal riffs

This was fun to watch.

Top 10 modern metal guitarists

Hard to argue with this one – it’s just hard to pick only ten. Babymetal‘s late guitarist was a god that will one day have temples built for him in Japan. He deserves a mention.

Top 10 drummers of all time

Take one guess which genre of music features prominently on this list. Disappointing that Alex Van Halen only got an honourable mention but at least he was acknowledged.

What do you think? Argue away, it’s fun.

Froback Friday, 6/04/2018


Hello slightly more overweight people. I hope you enjoyed eating chocolate over Easter.

For this week’s Froback we are tavelling back to 2001 to consume the awesomeness of Sugarcult‘s best ever song, Bouncing Off The Walls. You know, the guys you thought were a one-hit wonder that did that song Memory? Yeah, this song is better.

The fun thing about this clip is the fact that it contains both Deadpool himself Ryan Reynolds and Miss “I was in American Pie and my breat implants ruined my career so now I’ll do anything for a paycheck” Tara Reid in a completely unrelated plot of… doing something… in this clip. Hanging out in their bedrooms and staring at themselves? Seriously. I had to rewatch this clip twice just to try and figure out WTF the story there was all about.

It’s funny because it’s stupid though- and the band go off performing the song so it’s still a very watchable clip nonetheless.

These days, Ryan Reynolds probably regrets agreeing to biting his toenails, shaving his nosehairs and kissing a mannequin in this clip. That Pizza place TV show he was on would have just been axed that year so he would have been desperate for money from a new revenue stream of any sort. Clearly.

By the way. That show. What the fuck. It was called “Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place”, was later renamed to just “Two Guys and a Girl” and yet by the end of it there were three guys and three girls. THEY CHANGED THE NAME TO BE POLITICALLY CORRECT BECAUSE THE PIZZA PLACE WAS DITCHED FOR MEDICAL SCHOOL BUT THEY COULDN’T COUNT THE FINGERS ON THEIR FUCKING HANDS.


For a bonus clip, I’ve included another single of Sugarcult’s that is very underrated. Most people don’t know about it – but once you do, you’ll be glad that you do. It’s called Stuck In America. It’s in the setting of a Japanese talk show – you know, continuing the theme of having stuff happening in the film clip that has nothing to do with the song. It’s a rad song though, trust me. Enjoy.

Here’s the same song being performed live. They are one of those rare bands that sound as good live as they do on the recordings.

Froback Friday, 30/03/2018


Hi all, Az here with a very special Easter edition of Froback Friday.

For this week we take you all the way back to 1986 for a special punk super team-up called Easter – presumably because the song Feed The World would have been dominating the Christmas super team-ups at the time and these guys wanted to be rebels.

This musical lineup consists of:

  • Mike NessSocial Distortion
  • Danny DeanANTI
  • Chad CarrierBig Mess
  • Korky OllertonDetonators

Here it is:

Yeah yeah, I know what you’re thinking. I’m kind of cheating. It’s not a song about Easter, it’s a band called Easter.

Well, you know who’s cool in the music scene that does special songs about Easter? No one.

Case in point: As a bonus clip, here’s a group called Punk Rock Jesus doing a song called Hot Cross Buns. It’s stupid. I’ve included it here in this post so that you can hate watch/listen.