Pix from our last show


Hi all, Az here.

I’m posting these photos almost a week after they were taken but if you’ve been following our Facebook stream then you’d know that I just recently had a child and I’ve been pretty preoccupied with that.

Nonetheless, one of Madam Wong‘s friends took these photos on the night of our show with them on 18th May. This was a show of firsts:

  1. Our first show with my brother Chris Holesgrove on bass and he did a great job
  2. My first show trying our my custom-styled BC Rich Mockingbird, as seen in the above and below pictures and I think it’s going to be a regular in my rotation of on-stage axes.

Madam Wong went off as was expected. It was great to hang out with them again. If you’re interested in seeing more photos from the show, they’re right here.

We’re in shutdown for the next few months whilst I raise my new daughter through these tender few early months and we’ll be active again in the second half of the year with plenty planned for then. Stay tuned.

Peace out



We’re playing at Madam Wong’s EP Launch


Hi kids, Az here.

We’ve been keeping a low profile lately as I navigate the realms of having a pregnant Mrs. That will all end on the 15th May as my kid will be born and I can hit the town to celebrate whilst waiting for mum and baby to come out of hospital.

So there isn’t a better event happening in Sydney to celebrate at than at Madam Wong‘s EP Launch on Friday 18th May at the Hideaway Bar in Newtown, Sydney NSW. Your Johnnies will be jumping on the lineup with This Time Only to celebrate the Wonger’s debut release, followed by cans and more cans.

There are a few more reasons to celebrate at this show:

  • It’s rumoured that a member of Madam Wong will be losing their virginity at this show
  • This show will be the debut of our brand spanking new bass player – my brother Chris Holesgrove.
  • If you’ve been to a This Time Only show recently, you would have noticed a total hadsome stud playing drums for them. That’s our drummer, Craig Nelthropp. TTO’s regular drummer should be back in the lineup by this show and celebrating his triumphant return (apparently he fucked himself up or something)
  • Our band will be going into shutdown mode after this show as I’ll be bringing home my newborn and forgoing any possible sleep for the following 6-8 weeks – so, we won’t be seeing each other for a bit (Craig is going overseas for a while too). We’ll start up practicing again some time in July. Don’t worry, we’ll still be posting stupid shit every day on our website and social media. 😉

Here’s the Facebook event for the show – get into it and hit the “Going” button because, you know, you’re all hot and heavy at the thought of seeing Madam Wong on stage again.



We’re working on a bit of a special set list for this show that will re-introduce a few songs that haven’t been played live in quite a while. We think you’ll like it.

See you there Sydney-siders (and super-keen interstate travellers)!

From the archives – MNIJ live in 2006

Featuring former band members Chris Reed (now living in Singapore) and Peg Duker (who hasn’t had a haircut since this was filmed and now sings in a band called Chris Duke And The Royals).

This was filmed at the Pine Inn in Concord in Sydney’s inner west. We made regular references to a “live DVD” that we were filming at the time which was technically true – we just didn’t release it and this video was put on the internet instead.

Thank you Sydney!


What a great show last night.

The highlight of the night was being joined onstage by Pete from Madam Wong (pictured on the left in the above photo) for a cover of the song Zombie by The Cranberries as a tribute to their fallen lead singer Dolores O’Riodan.

Scouty Dave came up on stage to try and defend why Sydney trains are so shit at the moment. It didn’t work. That was pretty funny too.

Thanks to Montana for taking photos of us while we were playing.

Speaking of Madam Wong, they announced last night that they are doing a CD launch on April 20. They’re good guys and we all agreed that their new single sounded really great so we thought to give them a shout out. Check out their Facebook page in the link to find out details about it.

See you all at the next show.

With love,

Your Johnnies

Lookey lookey what I found…

Hey folks, Az here.

I was sorting out some old stuff in the garage and found this gig poster from our show back in 2014 that I was just talking about yesterday on this blog.

I have my old mate Rhys Campion to thanks for this. He moved in to my place for about six weeks last year and then left about a third of his stuff behind after he left – including a bunch of gig posters in frames from our time as being band mates. Now they’re mine! Muahahaha.

The cool part about this show was that it was organized by one Mr Jes Vegas Kellett, the bass player from Handball Deathmatch. The show was my first time meeting him and even though I was traveling down from QLD for that show at the time, we kept in touch and now we’re band mates in MNIJ. It’s funny how things turn out.

Anyway, your history lesson is over. Back to whatever you were doing. 🙂

Peace out


We’re visiting The Valve Bar next weekend

valve_splash32Howdy partners.

Pictured here is a shitload of people at The Valve Bar in Sydney, enjoying the music of someone other than My Name Is John.

Yes kids, it’s time for us to return to the Valve Bar for the first time since 2014. Last time we had a nude band member who tried cracking onto a cousin of one of the band members of Topnovil – who for some reason didn’t punch him out for it.

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