Reason number 2278 of why I love BC Rich guitars…


20180303_031405000_iOSThe Matt Tuck Signature V from BC Rich.

There were four colours but incredibly this is kind of hard to find pictures of – perhaps this didn’t sell very well or perhaps this just wasn’t pushed out there very well. Both sides of the deal have moved on – BC Rich are no longer making these and Matt Tuck is no longer an endorsor.

Gorgeous guitar design. The concept with this V was the rounded shape at the acute point so that the body can sit on your thigh whilst accessing high parts of the neck for those tight solos.

The silver one on top is my favourite but can’t be found for sale anywhere anymore. There are two purples ones left in Australia for sale that I know of  (as of writing) and the black ones that Matt Tuck always used on stage with Bullet For My Valentine I have never ever seen for sale. Ever.

Shame. If you own one, you are very lucky.


Reason number 2001 of why I love BC Rich guitars…

The Perfect 10 Rich Bich with Dragons Blood onyx paint job.

This is a 10 string guitar with the usual six strings wound to tuning pegs on the headstock and a further four string reverse strung from the headstock to pegs on the body, as shown. The result is a guitar that you can still play power chords (or drop D chords if you tune it that way) on two regular bottom strings with the top four string doubled up for great options in freestyle play.

Personally, I think this is better than 12 string as the higher octave on those thicker strings shits me when playing open chords.


Reason number 1950 of why I love BC Rich guitars…

Paul Stanley with his signature ASM leopard print guitar back when KISS were endorsers.

Doing a Google image search for KISS and BC Rich guitars will show you a lot of different guitars that they hawked during the early 80’s at the peak of BC Rich’s popularity.

Below is Gene Simmons’ signature design The Punisher. Major hotness and the paint design was one of the standard options.