Checking in with Rhys Campion

Hi kids, Az here.

You remember Rhys, right? He’s the one that got this band reformed and then left us due to a broken hand before he could even play a single show with us.

Well, he’s currently in the middle of nowhere (aka rural Western Australia) doing scaffolding work in various places like mines, etc.

Check out our most recent exchange. His speech is in the gray backgrounds, mine in blue. He’s seriously the most random person I know.

Rhys Campion is a fucking animal

Hi all, it’s your friendly Azman here.

So for those of you who don’t know Rhys Campion, he was my band mate in my previous band called The Incoherent – that’s him with his head in the toilet bowl in the banner picture across the band’s Facebook page.


Below is a Facebook Messenger exchange we had recently. Sharing is caring and I really care a lot. *insert evil grin*

His writing is in grey, mine in blue.

I then sent him the image below:

The exchange continued:

So I blacked out the amount of money he makes in that screenshot (see, I’m not a total arsehole) but let’s just say they are in the very well-compensating four digits per week).

He and I have ridiculous conversations like this all the time. Perhaps I’ll dig up some old SMS’s for your amusement.

Feel free to bag him out in the comments by the way.