Facebook Ads these days…

Like Douglas, you’re probably socially inept, have a moustache and long hair and get around in a Canadian tracksuit. In other words, you’re an embarrassment and shouldn’t leave the house. You stupid freak.

So, don’t attend university in person and attempt to make friends (hint: no one will like you), just do your education online you disgraceful prick!

Talk about this mob nailing it with the photo in their advertising.

This guy must be fun at parties…

I think I offended a God basher

Hi peeps. You know who here.

So, I stumbled upon this Twitter bio earlier today of an organization from Fank Sinatra town. Tell me if any of this sounds suspicious to you:

Naturally, I was curious.

About an hour later, our organization in question tweeted this:

Holy shit! (Pun not intended). Isn’t passive-aggressiveness a sin?

Perhaps so, as another hour of reflection bore this tweet:

Also, for consistency, they retweeted this (I can’t even make this stuff up):

Are you having your doubts about the sanctimoniousness of this place yet? I sure was at the time. Then, finally, came this message:

Well ok then. I’m pretty sure TV stations can show boobs on the air after 9:30 though.

If you ask me, I think old mate should just sit back and relax with a good book. I can think of a really good one too.