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Live Songs

Love At First Site vs Love At First Site (live) (download)

Recorded live Sep 2007 and released June 2008.

See above. We wrote the words of this song with the band Major Keg and then each recorded our own version of the song with different music. At the CD Launch for Music To Make Love To, Vol. 2, we performed a mashup of the two different versions of the song with Major Keg performing their parts.

Major Keg were _very_ off their face during this performance. You might be able to notice.

The Fuck Off Song (live) (download)

Recorded live June 2006 and released on January 2007.

Fun fact: Former drummer Peg Duker was playing live with the band for the 2nd time ever when this was recorded. The outtakes of this whole set usually involve Peg asking between each song “how does this one start?”

In this song, he’s singing “fuck fuck fuck fuck” as backings, instead of “fuck off fuck off” because that’s how little he knew of the songs at that point.

And we got to immortalise the moment as a recording. Hooray. đŸ™‚

69er (live) (download)

Recorded live in June 2006 and released September 2007.

This recording was from the same show as the live version of The Fuck Off Song above – and show with Major Keg where we were giving each other shit inbetween every song.

We were joined on stage during this song by Chris Duker of Chris Duke and the Royals who sung so badly that we edited out his backing vocals in the studio as best as we could (seriously).

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