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For Shits and Giggles…

A Poxy Cliche (download)

Recorded Dec 2002/Jan 2003 and released in April 2003.

This is Jet Frichot from Speedball on lead vocals. The idea here was to have a song where the lead singer wouldn’t be in the song at all – instruments or singing (although Az is one of the people gasping – that’s it).

Accuse The Booze (download)

Recorded Aug-Nov 2006 and released on January 2007.

This song was written by a band called Kernundrum by a guy called Chris Duker. “The Chris Duke and the Royals” Chris Duker.

We played this song live at Kernundrum’s farewell show and hit the studio the next day needing an extra song for the split-album this ended up on. So we just did it.

Keyboards were performed by frontman Az Holesgrove. He’s got a bit of Billy Joel in his blood.

This might actually be the best studio recording – at an engineering level – done by the band up until that time.

Jingle Bells (download)

Recorded in December 2002 and released in April 2003.

Features backing vocals from Jet Frichot of Speedball (he’s the one yelling ‘ya mum’ in the background) and the Bagster brass players (they were around at the time).

This was a spur of the moment thing to record this song – we had a Christmas show coming up and had 1 practice of this song prior. It worked out alright.

I Saw Mummy Kissing Santa Claus (download)

Recorded Aug/Sep 2007 and released June 2008.

Words can’t explain why we did this but we did. We didn’t even bother to have the song mastered.

We’ve never played it live and most likely never will.

The Fuck Off Song (The Little Kids Version) (download)

Recorded between Feb-May 2007 and released June 2008.

This version of the Fuck Off Song was originally pitched as an acoustic track at the end of Music To Make Love To, Vol. 2 and was rightfully rejected by the rest of the band.

These alternate lyrics came in handy though when we played a stadium show in front of 14,000 kids at a Scout Festival and were told that we couldn’t swear (true story).

Walk Like An Egyptian

Recorded Aug/Sep 2007 and released June 2008.

We only intended to play this song live once as a joke but it ended up being a mainstay in the set list and there were a lot of requests to record it as well. So we did.

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