Froback Friday – 20/04/2018


Hi kids, Az here.

This week’s Froback takes us all the way back to around 1999 to watch a direct-from-VHS-to-YouTube copy of the film clip for The Bomb by Sydney’s greatest export, Unpaid Debt.

This is the full, original lineup – ska punk at its finest.

Yeah yeah, I’m biased. I went to school with two of the band members – Tim Walter, original guitarist/only one not allowed to have a mic for being too silly, and their second singer Joe Cool.

I always found it stunning during the early to mid 2000’s that there were so many people in Sydney that didn’t realise that Joe wasn’t the original singer in the band. He came along much later after being in a ska band called Little More Than You – a ska band that would have done well themselves if the lineup was kept together. I remember being at a show in Penrith watching LMTY support Area 7 and reconnecting with Joe for the first time since we finished Year 12 and then finding out a week later that he was switching bands and singing in Unpaid Debt instead. I was floored.

No disrespect to Joe but I’ve always felt that the original lineup of Unpaid Debt never got enough recognition for how awesome they were and objectively the best local band in Sydney at the time – even better than other popular bands at the time like Bagster and The Mad Dash.

So for a bonus clip (or four), here’s a full show of Unpaid Debt playing the old Cowshed in Penrith in Sydney’s West in the late 90’s. See for yourself how great they were.

Reason number 1760 of why I love BC Rich guitars…

This is a photo posted on the BC Rich Junkies Facebook page by a bass player who’s clearly a fellow fan.

I don’t know which of the two I should fawn over more – the custom paint-job Captain America shield on a Warlock bass or the Joey Jordison (Murderdolls, Slipknot) special edition blood spatter Warlock. That’s straight out of the factory too, no customization.

We’re playing at Madam Wong’s EP Launch


Hi kids, Az here.

We’ve been keeping a low profile lately as I navigate the realms of having a pregnant Mrs. That will all end on the 15th May as my kid will be born and I can hit the town to celebrate whilst waiting for mum and baby to come out of hospital.

So there isn’t a better event happening in Sydney to celebrate at than at Madam Wong‘s EP Launch on Friday 18th May at the Hideaway Bar in Newtown, Sydney NSW. Your Johnnies will be jumping on the lineup with This Time Only to celebrate the Wonger’s debut release, followed by cans and more cans.

There are a few more reasons to celebrate at this show:

  • It’s rumoured that a member of Madam Wong will be losing their virginity at this show
  • This show will be the debut of our brand spanking new bass player – my brother Chris Holesgrove.
  • If you’ve been to a This Time Only show recently, you would have noticed a total hadsome stud playing drums for them. That’s our drummer, Craig Nelthropp. TTO’s regular drummer should be back in the lineup by this show and celebrating his triumphant return (apparently he fucked himself up or something)
  • Our band will be going into shutdown mode after this show as I’ll be bringing home my newborn and forgoing any possible sleep for the following 6-8 weeks – so, we won’t be seeing each other for a bit (Craig is going overseas for a while too). We’ll start up practicing again some time in July. Don’t worry, we’ll still be posting stupid shit every day on our website and social media. 😉

Here’s the Facebook event for the show – get into it and hit the “Going” button because, you know, you’re all hot and heavy at the thought of seeing Madam Wong on stage again.


We’re working on a bit of a special set list for this show that will re-introduce a few songs that haven’t been played live in quite a while. We think you’ll like it.

See you there Sydney-siders (and super-keen interstate travellers)!