Song spotlight: I Wish We Were An Emo Band So We Could Get More Girls

Hi all, Az here.

So, this song has a fun little history behind it.

Back in the very beginning, we had a drummer named Ryan Lambert who later found semi-fame being the drummer of Sydney emo legends Town Hall Steps. We’ve written about him before.


Ryan was the one who pitched the whole idea for this song – name and all – and even played a cd of a tune with a similar beat to demonstrate how he envisioned the song would sound.

I then got to work, put together the structure and filled in the words. Voila – completed song.

Ryan (coincidentally) left the band shortly after that, joined an actual emo band (the aforementioned Town Hall Steps) and never got to play it.

The following year was when this song was recorded. As a bit of fun, I approached Town Hall Steps, explained to them the story as painted out above and then due to the connection with Ryan I asked if I could include a section of one of their emo songs on our upcoming cd Music To Make Love To, Vol. 1 right before our song about wishing we were an emo band.

Being the awesome dudes that they were, they thought it was a funny idea and were all for it.

And the rest is history.

Here’s the intro track that I’m speaking of, featuring my most favourite Town Hall Steps song:

I think I offended a God basher

Hi peeps. You know who here.

So, I stumbled upon this Twitter bio earlier today of an organization from Fank Sinatra town. Tell me if any of this sounds suspicious to you:

Naturally, I was curious.

About an hour later, our organization in question tweeted this:

Holy shit! (Pun not intended). Isn’t passive-aggressiveness a sin?

Perhaps so, as another hour of reflection bore this tweet:

Also, for consistency, they retweeted this (I can’t even make this stuff up):

Are you having your doubts about the sanctimoniousness of this place yet? I sure was at the time. Then, finally, came this message:

Well ok then. I’m pretty sure TV stations can show boobs on the air after 9:30 though.

If you ask me, I think old mate should just sit back and relax with a good book. I can think of a really good one too.