Thank you Sydney!


What a great show last night.

The highlight of the night was being joined onstage by Pete from Madam Wong (pictured on the left in the above photo) for a cover of the song Zombie by The Cranberries as a tribute to their fallen lead singer Dolores O’Riodan.

Scouty Dave came up on stage to try and defend why Sydney trains are so shit at the moment. It didn’t work. That was pretty funny too.

Thanks to Montana for taking photos of us while we were playing.

Speaking of Madam Wong, they announced last night that they are doing a CD launch on April 20. They’re good guys and we all agreed that their new single sounded really great so we thought to give them a shout out. Check out their Facebook page in the link to find out details about it.

See you all at the next show.

With love,

Your Johnnies

Happy birthday Dookie

On this day 24 years ago, Dookie was born and changed the punk rock world forever.

For My Name Is John, there was no greater influence than this piece of music. It proved the theory in rock n roll that it’s not about how talented you are, it’s about how entertaining you are that matters.

I suppose this album is at the age now where it’ll marry the wrong girl, start shitting out Dookie Jr’s and develop a drinking problem. This should get interesting.

Holy shit Kerrang!

f9d488f1-71b2-4b50-9712-46844bd54301-14656-000014bcba208a30-1Az here,

Shown here is a photo of a guy who clearly thinks he is blessed. Like me. Take that as you will.

So the Facebook page for Kerrang Magazine have been on fire lately posting a whole bunch of videos of live clips from 10+ years ago that have been absolutely gold. If you’re bored and looking for something to kill time, have a cruise on their page and watch some stuff – I was having a lot of fun just from the vids they’ve uploaded in the past week alone.

Big props to Jamie Stokes from Apprehension Avenue for the find. He’s clearly been enjoying Kerrang’s refined taste in live music too and has been re-sharing a few of their uploads recently in his personal feed. I’ve been one of the many recent benefactors. 🙂

Would you quit your band if your guitarist bought this?

Hi all, Az here again.

Check out this monstrosity I found for sale on the interwebs a few days ago…

That’s a 12/6/6 triple neck guitar. The asking price was under $1000 shipped, brand new.

Now, aesthitics aside, it’s a bolt-on and a no name brand and those pick-ups don’t necessarily inspire confidence so I’m sure it would sound like arse – but who cares, right?

Sure, a 24 string guitar is about 22 strings more than what a standard guitarist in a local punk band would use and I’m sure there are a few people out there that would refuse to share a stage with someone having this around their neck.

So, let’s start some fights in other people’s bands.

Guitarists – if you could own this for under $1000, would you do it?

Discuss in the comments. This should be fun. 🙂