New AC/DC album with Axl Rose singing/wailing? Gross.


Hi all, Az here.

I thought I’d share this article that was brought to my attention by your friend and mine Rhys Campion, touching on the growing murmurs of Acker Dacker doing new music with Axl Rose on vox whilst they have him with them.

My personal thoughts? A big thumbs down. Old mate below says it best.


Here’s the problems I foresee:

  1. Axl sucks a major donkey’s dick. It was a fun idea to have him fill in as a temp solution for the band after Brian Johnson realised he’s an old man who’s losing his hearing but he’s a pack of Winnie Reds a day away from being anything close to acceptable as a recording voice for our national icon.
  2. Axl is clearly fucking deaf too being that he can’t hear how his voice sounds like a cat being anally raped by an elephant with a cactus dick but it’s not the deafness that AC/DC needs to replace, it’s the talent. This is Axl Rose now.
  3. Dude needs a southern cross tattooed on his arm and to seriously get over himself and stop pulling shit like this if he’s going to blend in as an adopted Aussie in the Ackers. Pee Paw could use this and this as a training manual for how to front an Australian band in the 21st century.
  4. Australians aren’t forgeting this anytime soon.
  5. GnR will always come first. I could see him doing something like recording a Gunners album at the same time and then threatening to spend two years on the road with them instead unless AC/DC pays him more money than god to tour their album instead.
  6. God has no money, only virgin angels. Axl has all the virginities of angels he could ever need.
  7. This situation reeks of Jon Stevens in INXS. Two music icons, famous for what they did separately and infamous for what they did together. They split on bad terms and kept chewing up and spitting out other singers.
  8. Did I mention that Axl Rose sucks a major donkey’s dick?
    1. Exhibit A.
    2. Exhibit B.
    3. Exhibit C.
    4. Now watch this and weep. Mortality is a bitch.
  9. We’re talking about the same dopey cunt that once traded in two of his swanky cars for something else fancy, the new one never arrived and he managed to forget about it and didn’t notice his cars missing for two years. You think he’s going to remember all the lyrics on a 175 date follow up tour? Dude is a one trick pony – “Teeeeeaaaak. Meeeeee. Haaaaarrruuum.”

Here’s a thought. Let’s get Matt Tuck from Bullet For My Valentine a perm and baret and put him in the band instead. He’d be in his fucking element. He’s no stranger to side projects with names that exemplify Australian humour either.

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