Reason number 1950 of why I love BC Rich guitars…

Paul Stanley with his signature ASM leopard print guitar back when KISS were endorsers.

Doing a Google image search for KISS and BC Rich guitars will show you a lot of different guitars that they hawked during the early 80’s at the peak of BC Rich’s popularity.

Below is Gene Simmons’ signature design The Punisher. Major hotness and the paint design was one of the standard options.

Reason number 1760 of why I love BC Rich guitars…

This is a photo posted on the BC Rich Junkies Facebook page by a bass player who’s clearly a fellow fan.

I don’t know which of the two I should fawn over more – the custom paint-job Captain America shield on a Warlock bass or the Joey Jordison (Murderdolls, Slipknot) special edition blood spatter Warlock. That’s straight out of the factory too, no customization.

Froback Friday, 13/04/2018


Hi everyone, happy Friday the 13th.

For this special horror occasion, it seems only appropriate to play some of the devil’s music – metal. Our selection this week is an old song by the theatrical horror metal band Cradle of Filth., just to set the mood.

And yes, it’s old – and you are old if you can remember when it first came out. This was released about 11-12 years ago.

We’re committed metal enthusiasts in the Johnnies. We don’t play it ourselves because we don’t aim to copy our favourite bands in our own band but our love for metal nonetheless runs deep. If you ever see us at a show, ask us about our favourite bands and watch our eyes light up with passion when discussing the topic. 🙂

For bonus clips, it made sense to open up the discussion a bit. Who’s the best?

Top 10 screamers

Some people will be shitty with where the singers of Linkin Park and Avenged Sevenfold sit on this list but I really liked the number one choice.

Top 10 heavy metal riffs

This was fun to watch.

Top 10 modern metal guitarists

Hard to argue with this one – it’s just hard to pick only ten. Babymetal‘s late guitarist was a god that will one day have temples built for him in Japan. He deserves a mention.

Top 10 drummers of all time

Take one guess which genre of music features prominently on this list. Disappointing that Alex Van Halen only got an honourable mention but at least he was acknowledged.

What do you think? Argue away, it’s fun.

My guitar project is finished

img_0799Hi kids, Az here.

I know I had only just posted about getting a new guitar yesterday but I needed to wait until I got my arse to a guitar shop to buy some strings before I was going to post about this puppy as well. Now this thing is ready to go as well.

What you are seeing here is a Korean made BC Rich Mockingbird NJ Series neck thru guitar. I rescued this gem from a pawn shop advertising it on eBay for stuff all and it was pretty beat up.

See the original pix below.

As you can see (click/press on the pictures to see larger versions), the body work was pretty trashy – and really, the pictures don’t tell the whole story. There were a lot of dings, marks and other crap. The name badge on the headstock was missing too.

In addition to that, I have to say that I just don’t like the look of neck thru’s that aren’t painted where you can see the difference in the body work. The lines are added as a feature as some sort of trendy look. It’s gross. Additionally, I think the wooden finish of guitars looks lame too.

Never fear! I had a vision and hit Buy It Now anyway.

I bought this for the bargain basement price of AUD$300 (with free shipping) and figured I could cover up all the dents and other unpleasurables whilst punking it up at the same time.

Enter AliExpress.

I bought a shitload of black and white stickers where you get 100 in a bag of random whatever stuff. I bought three lots of them for a total of about AUD$20.

Then my daughter and I spent two separate nights covering all of the body work with them, leaving our favourite stickers until last so that they would be on top.

The net result? This. And I’m really happy with it.


…and before you say it – I know, my floor needs a vacuum.

I finally get to play this thing later today in practice – perhaps I’ll post some vids or something. It hasn’t had strings on it until now.