From the Archives: The What A Beautiful Day film clip

Suffice to say, a lot of laughs were shared during the making of this film clip.

Az here with this trip down memory lane.

The whole concept for this video was the vision of our music producer and ex-Unpaid Debt guitarist Tim Walter. He had just done a promotional DVD piece of work for a comedian named Thomas Bromhead at the same time as producing the CD that this song was featured on and had the wild idea that the two sides should team up for something funny.

Tim even thought out the structure of the clip: a seedy guy sprays whipped cream on himself at home and then goes out for a night on the town to terrorize people with whipped cream.

He pitched it to me during a studio visit and that he thought he could get Thomas to agree to do the clip for a reasonable fee. I had nothing to lose by letting this idea play itself out and Thomas said yes. I put down the cash and we were cooking with gas.

The first half of the clip was filmed in the rental home of former guitarist Chris Reed in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. We laid down heaps of tarps, put on a BBQ and invited heaps of people over to watch the filming. We laughed our arses off.

The second half of the clip was filmed at Home Nightclub in Sydney’s Darling Harbour. A week earlier, I had done the owner a favour by playing guitar alongside some DJ from Sweden who was doing a techno cover of Nirvana‘s Smells Like Teen Spirit at 4:30am on a Saturday night/Sunday morning. The whole crowd was on pills and wouldn’t have even noticed I was there.

So we got full use of the club for free on a Monday night – and with security there at the club’s expense. This was the day after the house filming and was also my 26th birthday that day. The members of Major Keg gave me a blow up penis for my birthday and I did all of the band filming scenes with that thing stuffed down my pants – not that you can tell in this clip – but it was one of those things that was funny to the people that were there.

The Ebolagoldfish twins Andy and Gav McDougall also made a guest appearance as the fake security guards – Gav smacking Thomas Bromhead on the arse wasn’t in the script but all involved enjoyed it so it stayed in the scene.

The two hot girls being sprayed with whipped cream were the girlfriends of the other two band members – what, you thought those wusses were going to use any other females on the planet for what we had planned?

Oh – I almost forgot the star of the clip: the blow up doll! We bought that for $100 from a sex shop in Canberra whilst on tour a few weeks earlier. I’m the one who volunteered to do the walk of shame to the counter to pay for it whilst the others stood there cackling like little school girls. Good times.

…and that’s about the summary of it. The funniest part of all in this clip is that Major Keg appear in this clip more than My Name Is John does – absolute camera whores and shocking for a bunch of guys who have the perfect faces for radio work.

This song had over 100,000 plays on MySpace and was finally banned by the since unloved social media service right around the time of the band’s breakup in 2009. A full three years later. Good work guys.

Froback Friday, 6/04/2018


Hello slightly more overweight people. I hope you enjoyed eating chocolate over Easter.

For this week’s Froback we are tavelling back to 2001 to consume the awesomeness of Sugarcult‘s best ever song, Bouncing Off The Walls. You know, the guys you thought were a one-hit wonder that did that song Memory? Yeah, this song is better.

The fun thing about this clip is the fact that it contains both Deadpool himself Ryan Reynolds and Miss “I was in American Pie and my breat implants ruined my career so now I’ll do anything for a paycheck” Tara Reid in a completely unrelated plot of… doing something… in this clip. Hanging out in their bedrooms and staring at themselves? Seriously. I had to rewatch this clip twice just to try and figure out WTF the story there was all about.

It’s funny because it’s stupid though- and the band go off performing the song so it’s still a very watchable clip nonetheless.

These days, Ryan Reynolds probably regrets agreeing to biting his toenails, shaving his nosehairs and kissing a mannequin in this clip. That Pizza place TV show he was on would have just been axed that year so he would have been desperate for money from a new revenue stream of any sort. Clearly.

By the way. That show. What the fuck. It was called “Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place”, was later renamed to just “Two Guys and a Girl” and yet by the end of it there were three guys and three girls. THEY CHANGED THE NAME TO BE POLITICALLY CORRECT BECAUSE THE PIZZA PLACE WAS DITCHED FOR MEDICAL SCHOOL BUT THEY COULDN’T COUNT THE FINGERS ON THEIR FUCKING HANDS.


For a bonus clip, I’ve included another single of Sugarcult’s that is very underrated. Most people don’t know about it – but once you do, you’ll be glad that you do. It’s called Stuck In America. It’s in the setting of a Japanese talk show – you know, continuing the theme of having stuff happening in the film clip that has nothing to do with the song. It’s a rad song though, trust me. Enjoy.

Here’s the same song being performed live. They are one of those rare bands that sound as good live as they do on the recordings.

Froback Friday, 16/03/2018


This week’s Froback Friday is brought to you by Pamela Anderson‘s arse. Literally.

Pretty funny really. This is the band Lit, walking around on a piece of arse whilst singing about how a girlfriend makes them miserable.

I really like the song – I would even call it one of my most favourite songs by Lit. Even though the clip doesn’t match the lyrics, I thought that you all would be interested to watch it and the below par CG used to put it altogether.

And you can imagine that the reason this clip is what you see is because if Lit as a band were given the option to walk around on Pamela’s butt, in her prime, the band were going to do it – context be damned.  I mean, what exactly makes you miserable by walking around on all of Pamela’s delicate bits? Can you smell the cum of half of the entire 80’s pop metal scene seeping out of her vagina?

My guess is that their answer is: who the fuck cares. It’s Pamela. It’s logic that’s hard to argue with.

As a bonus clip, here’s Lit performing the song at Woodstock back in 1999. Am I the only one who thinks that their lead singer looks like Joe from Unpaid Debt?

From the archives – MNIJ live in 2006

Featuring former band members Chris Reed (now living in Singapore) and Peg Duker (who hasn’t had a haircut since this was filmed and now sings in a band called Chris Duke And The Royals).

This was filmed at the Pine Inn in Concord in Sydney’s inner west. We made regular references to a “live DVD” that we were filming at the time which was technically true – we just didn’t release it and this video was put on the internet instead.

Froback Friday, 02/03/2018

“All that punk shit sucks, it doesn’t belong on this world, it belongs on fucking Mars man!”

Love it.

That, of course, is the ever quotable soundbite from the intro to the below song – a classic and suprisingly pretty much one hit wonder from American Hi-Fi.

I say surprising, of course, because they’re a great band. Take the below bonus clip – a live performance of the song The Art Of Losing which I’m willing to bet you’ve likely never heard before. It’s a fun song!

Surprising to think too that when the band got their first chance to play live on television, it wasn’t Flavor Of The Weak that they played, it was something new that they felt was just as good.

The good news is, of course, that this band is still active – they’ve never broken up. Check them out on a streaming service or something and you’ll see what I mean – they have a lot of good stuff to listen to.

Also, here’s a fun fact: Their frontman Stacey Jones (not to be confused with Casey Jones from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) is more or less the Dave Grohl of punk rock, having formerly been the drummer for Veruca Salt and Letters For Cleo. Both fantastic bands.

We’re streaming on your favourite services

Howdy people!

The good news from John land is that we’ve uploaded all of our music online to all the places you like to listen to music.

Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music, YouTube, Amazon Music, Tidal, Deezer and iHeartRadio are all carrying our gear. Just search for My Name Is John in your favourite app on your phone and ignore the weird techno band from somewhere overseas that have been using our name also.

So services are also showing our live version of What A Beautiful Day that we contributed to a live album that was released 11 years ago. Cool beans.

For your convenience, here is a link that will point you towards where all our stuff is.

Don’t use a streaming service? No worries. That same link above also offers a way to download all our music completely free of charge. Just go get it and get into it.


Much love,

Your Johnnies

Froback Friday, 23/02/2018


This week’s video is a double throwback for reasons that you will soon understand, featuring MxPx.

Inserted below is MxPx’s universally loved and almost impossible to find film clip for their song I’m Ok, You’re Ok. Due to label politics, you won’t find the album this song is on or the one they did after that on music streaming services at all. Universal Music Group have shitcanned a lot of uploads of this clip to YouTube too. Cunts.

Never fear, we found a copy of it on Vimeo (until UMG discover this and kill it hehe).


For those of you that don’t know too much about MxPx’s history, back when they were called Magnified Plaid and they had a guy called Andy playing guitar, singer/bassist Mike Herrera was also singer/guitarist in a band called The Cootees – a four person lineup with two singers sharing lead much like Blink 182 did/do.

After Andy left MxPx, The drummer from The Cootees, Tom, joined MxPx as their new guitarist despite only knowing how to play power chords and that’s been the lineup of MxPx ever since. The Cootees, meanwhile, broke up soon after as MxPx started to become fairlr popular in the US and had to focus on one band.

The funny thing here is that I’m Ok, You’re Ok was a song that Mike sung in The Cootees. After the band broke up, he decided to reuse his song in MxPx years later because it was too good to leave in the past. For your listening reference, below is a recording of The Cootees’ verson of the song which I have to say sounds better. Check it out:

Here is the full album from The Cootees on Spotify. It’s a bit different to MxPx, huh?

As a bonus clip, here’s MxPx in 1998 playing live on everyone’s favorite Australian TV show in the 90’s, Recovery (!!!) playing Chick Magnet.