Froback Friday, 23/02/2018


This week’s video is a double throwback for reasons that you will soon understand, featuring MxPx.

Inserted below is MxPx’s universally loved and almost impossible to find film clip for their song I’m Ok, You’re Ok. Due to label politics, you won’t find the album this song is on or the one they did after that on music streaming services at all. Universal Music Group have shitcanned a lot of uploads of this clip to YouTube too. Cunts.

Never fear, we found a copy of it on Vimeo (until UMG discover this and kill it hehe).


For those of you that don’t know too much about MxPx’s history, back when they were called Magnified Plaid and they had a guy called Andy playing guitar, singer/bassist Mike Herrera was also singer/guitarist in a band called The Cootees – a four person lineup with two singers sharing lead much like Blink 182 did/do.

After Andy left MxPx, The drummer from The Cootees, Tom, joined MxPx as their new guitarist despite only knowing how to play power chords and that’s been the lineup of MxPx ever since. The Cootees, meanwhile, broke up soon after as MxPx started to become fairlr popular in the US and had to focus on one band.

The funny thing here is that I’m Ok, You’re Ok was a song that Mike sung in The Cootees. After the band broke up, he decided to reuse his song in MxPx years later because it was too good to leave in the past. For your listening reference, below is a recording of The Cootees’ verson of the song which I have to say sounds better. Check it out:

Here is the full album from The Cootees on Spotify. It’s a bit different to MxPx, huh?

As a bonus clip, here’s MxPx in 1998 playing live on everyone’s favorite Australian TV show in the 90’s, Recovery (!!!) playing Chick Magnet.

Froback Friday, 16/02/2018


Ba ba ba da ba baaaaaa.

Another week in the books.

For this week’s trip down memory lane, I chose the film clip for Everclear‘s “Everything To Everyone”.

I love this film clip. It’s simple looking enough but it obviously would have involved a lot of stop-motion capturing and the like but they managed to maintain the energy of the song throughout the clip.

Also, I’m sure it’s not only me who feels like watching Everclear get into the song whilst playing actually makes the song feel more fun? That old lineup had a great presence about them.

As a bonus clip – remember that time Everclear had a song on the Romeo + Juliet soundtrack from the movie of the same name? We’re talking 1996 here. The greatest love story of all, performed by two lead actors who absolutely hated each other.

Well, here’s a clip of Everclear playing that song live at Woodstock, with lead singer Art being preoccupied on stage and staring at the boobs of girls half his age. All class.

Our boys are famous

Hi kids, Az here.

Happy Valentines Day. I hope you’re getting your cock smoked or your vag tickled, whichever applies to you.

Our mates Madam Wong released their long awaited debut single “Cannibal” today (video embedded) and they have firmly established themselves as sick fucks. Welcome to the club fellas. I cracked up watching the video, it’s a lot of fun.

The song is really great. Do yourself a favour and watch the video and you’ll see what I mean.

An eagle-eyed viewer (ie. me) saw that the three targeted victims on the cannibal’s fridge were the three members of the former band Puzzles, of which two of them are MNIJ band members Jes Kellett and Craig Nelthropp. The sentiment of their inclusion on the cannibal’s list is obvious – sometimes I want to kill them too. 🙂

Well done to the Madam Wong boys. Looking forward to the single launch show. You guys reading this should go along and see it too.

Peace out


Froback Friday, 09/02/2018


For this week, we take you back to the early 2000’s to remind you of one of the coolest bands to ever come out of Melbourne – For Amusement Only.

Looking at them now, if they were a current band in this day and age with the benefits of social media by their side, they would have been so much bigger today than they were back then – and they were big anyway. They were awesome.

We really wanted to include a song from their first EP as well but there aren’t any video clips of those songs, so here’s the next best thing – staring at a still image in a YouTube video whilst having your ears treated to some FAO goodness.

Happy birthday Dookie

On this day 24 years ago, Dookie was born and changed the punk rock world forever.

For My Name Is John, there was no greater influence than this piece of music. It proved the theory in rock n roll that it’s not about how talented you are, it’s about how entertaining you are that matters.

I suppose this album is at the age now where it’ll marry the wrong girl, start shitting out Dookie Jr’s and develop a drinking problem. This should get interesting.