…there is someone above who has heard my prayers

Hi all, Az here.

So you might have seen my post yesterday about a really cool Slash Edition BC Rich Mockingbird guitar that I liked.


I found this on eBay:

That’s significantly cheaper than the AU$5000 guitar I posted yesterday – and, if I’m going to be honest, under priced. I’m in shock.

So now all I need is a black market to sell a kidney to and that guitar will be mine.

I suppose I better start taking up smoking and grow my hair long. Shit’s gettin’ real.

Donate to a charitable cause!

Hi everyone.

Today we are proud to announce that we are now accepting donations towards the “Help Aaron Buy A Slash Signature Edition BC Rich Guitar” Foundation.

You too can help a struggling young* man cope with the humiliation of standing on stage without one of these puppies over his shoulder:

The net result is a happy young* man who will then look cool, as demonstrated on the right hand side:

Please donate generously.

* Age is a state of mind caused by growing older.