Film clip – What A Beautiful Day (2006)

Featuring the talents of comedian Thomas Bromhead who’s acting and voice-over credits are so vast there are too many to mention (here is an example of him doing voiceover work for Nickelodeon).

The first half was filmed in Chris Reed’s rental at the time (suffice to say, we had to lay down A LOT of tarps) and the second half was filmed at Home Nightclub in Darling Harbour in Sydney.

Other guest appearances included the band members of Major Keg (who appear in this clip more than My Name Is John – watch Adrian Shipp’s reacton to a girl rubbing whipped cream into herself – classic) and the McDougall twins from Ebolagoldfish as the security guards at the Nightclub – that was Gav slapping Thomas Bromhead on the arse (I know, it’s hard to tell them apart).

Film clip – Please Come Home With Me (2007)

An homage to the split album we produced with Major Keg called “Let The Games Begin!”, with the band members performing in a game show reminicent of “Perfect Match”, competing for the affections of a girl named Mary.

This animated clip was produced by the ever lovable Scouty Dave Anderson.

Live – Number One Michael Bolton Fan (2017)

Filmed at our first show back in quite a while at The Moshpit in Newtown, Sydney in Dec 2017, featuring current band members Jes Kellett and Craig Nelthropp.

Live – 69er (2017)

Filmed during rehearsals at the one and only Cream Studios in Blacktown, Sydney. Featuring the camera-handling talents of Anton, the owner of the studio.

Live – My Name Is John full set (2006)

Featuring former band members Chris Reed (now living in Singapore) and Peg Duker (who hasn’t had a haircut since this was filmed and now sings in a band called Chris Duke And The Royals). This was filmed at the Pine Inn in Concord in Sydney’s inner west. We made regular references to a “live DVD” that we were filming at the time which was technically true – we just didn’t release it and this video was put on the internet instead.

Live – I Wish We Were An Emo Band So We Could Get More Girls (2006)

A single song from the above video of the full MNIJ set at the Pine Inn in Feb 2006. Features an epic drum solo for the ages.